Program, May 17, 2016 — Wisdom Stoves
Our speaker this morning was Nathan Puffer, Co-Founder of Wisdom Stoves.  He is a Stove Designer & Engineer whose non-profit is based in Vermont, but the the manufacturing, sales and distribution of our gasification cookstoves happens in Kenya.The research and design of dozens of cookstoves takes place in Groton, where we are continually making improvements to our existing stoves, as well as creating new models that can be produced in Kenya.  He is committed to life-long learning of the science behind -- and worldwide benefits of -- the process of gasification. 
On the Wisdom Stoves web page Nathan bio reads, "Nathan grew up in Groton, VT where he lives today. His competitive, positive “I can and will” attitude was cultivated early by his family and his basketball coach, Ron Brown. After high school, Nathan developed an interest and then, a passion to know how and why things work. He established Groton Timberworks, Inc. a timber framing company in 1992 which squarely located him in the problem solving business. After returning to Kenya in 2002 with his wife, Merry and their three girls, he started thinking about how the Kenyan people could be helped economically, physically and environmentally. He started diligently working on a cook stove design in 2009. The subsequent design changes and problem solving have led to the establishment of Wisdom Stoves, Inc."  He was drawn to Kenya by his wife Merry.  Merry grew up in North Haverhill, NH. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, she joined the Peace Corps in 1983. She was assigned to teach school at Mwenda-Andu Secondary School in North Kinangop, Kenya.
Nathan partner is Kenya is "Dan Waithaka is the son of Francis Waithaka-Kairu, who was Merry's headmaster while teaching english at Francis' secondary school in 1983.  Dan has become a great advocate for Wisdom Stoves and has been managing Wisdom Stoves based in Kinangop, Kenya since early 2012. Dan has put an incredible effort into transforming the local attitude about the benefits of upgrading to a stove manufactured by Wisdom Stoves. Many of his sales efforts have been deisplayed at local markets, stores and community field days. As well as working as the local salesman, Dan also assists in the daily manufacturing and distribution of the stoves throughout Kenya."
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Windsom  Stoves committed to supporting local economies, empowering women, and conserving natural resources through the development of clean-burning, fuel efficient cookstoves.
—Nathan Puffer